Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Funny: Debunking Mormonism

For all my fellow ex-mos. Thanks to Becky for posting this first.


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  1. Thanks to Becky indeed! That's brilliant!

  2. Dang, I think must have been the only one paying on my net income. Still received as many blessings as the next guy though... In fact, even when I stopped paying tithing, I was surprised when someone wanted to buy one of my domains (for quite a bit of profit). "Blessings" still come even after having left the church....

  3. Eric and I love to joke, whenever something fortunate happens to us, "That's what we get for not paying our tithing!"

  4. I stole it from some other blogger. But you're welcome for actually posting it 2nd. :-) It cracks me up!

  5. Oh I get it! Finally. Well, after reading the comments. I forgot about bloody tithing.

    It really bothers me that the rest of my family won't wake up and clue in about the scam that is Mormonism. So annoying!


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