Thursday, June 2, 2011

Comment Highlights 6/02/2011

 A couple of my favorite comments from the last few weeks.  

From Diana on Honoring the Great Mother
I venture, for myself, that the necessity for a female deity is rooted in the need to overturn our society's views and restrictions on women. The female body particularly has never been venerated in our lifetime; its functions, uses, needs, desires, and appearances have been controlled by men. Learnings about goddesses and coming to recognize the divine in ourselves is a significant part of many women's paths.

For me it has nothing to do with forcing a human gender identity on deity, since I am an atheist. It DOES have to do with the liberation of my sexuality, my physical appearance, my will, my voice, and my power. There is a reason that the modern goddess movement arose hand in hand with ecology and feminist movements.

My power (with all that entails), and that of many women throughout history and currently, has been squelched. Learning goddess lore and honoring these archetypes and legends is one way for me to get past that.
From Riparian Church on Why still use the word "God"?
I think that the statement that "God is love" is one that resonates with your post here.  The idea that this is flimsy-ish might not mesh with the striking hard-headedness of the statement.  If God is no more and no less than love, then this is simply a way of saying that of all the things / forces / powers in the universe, there is one and one only worthy of human worship: love.

And though it sounds sentimental, I'm not so sure.  Science is finding out things about the energies that hold things together that we might as well call "love" as anything else... what do you call it when the energies of the human race seem not only to be connected but to be effectual at accomplishing and causing and moving and even healing?

Love's as good a term as any, I guess.  

Call it Andrew if it pleases you.
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  1. Wow, thanks for the shout-out, Leah!

    I love Riparian Church's comment. The statement "God is love" IS radical, especially if you consider how much hate we deal with on a daily basis. Carrying out "God is love" to its necessary conclusions is a hell of a way to live.

  2. I bring your attention to the particular plight of this woman poet in hopes you may spread the word


  3. Totally shout-worthy, Diana!


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