Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LDS Leader Look-alikes

Jon at the USU SHAFT blog has compiled some side-by-side photos of LDS Church leaders and their doppelgängers. They include Henry Eyring and the American Gothic farmer, Boyd Packer and Donald Rumsfeld, and many more. Unbound hilarity! Particularly if you have an LDS background, but I think everyone can appreciate it. You must check it out! Go now! What are you waiting for!


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  1. Thanks for the linkage, Leah! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. I'll try to add more pictures as I find the time to do more.

    If you (or your readers) have any look-a-like suggestions, let me know! In particular, I've been working on Elder Holland. So far, all that I know he looks like is Droopy, that cartoon dog ha ha.

  2. Oh, my god! He does look like Droopy! Haha!

  3. Thanks for my Wednesday morning ROFLOL!!!!


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