Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Funny: John Safran takes atheists proselytizing door to door

Find out what happens when a couple of atheists don white shirts and ties and name tags and knock on doors in Salt Lake City.


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  1. This was hilarious. Very cool blog! I love it.

  2. I once stopped some persistent early morning door knockers by coming to the door naked.

  3. Sabio, that's awesome! Now I kind of hope someone knocks on my door so I can try that!

  4. Somehow, I wonder how many 'got it.'

  5. @ Puzzled
    Yeah, it looked like no one "got it".

  6. I can't believe he got through the lyrics of the song without a door slam.

  7. Bloody funny. If they'd knocked on my door they wouldn't have needed to continue, because I probably would have been wearing this.

  8. Clever idea -- unfortunately the target audience has a lot of trouble with "sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander" concepts.

    Sabio, that's awesome! Now I kind of hope someone knocks on my door so I can try that!

    I'm afraid that might be a bit like trying to scare ants away by throwing sugar at them.

    I did, long ago, read a post by a guy who had a rather good moment along these lines. He got woken up by knocking early one morning, and since he'd been sleeping naked, he put on a bathrobe, which happened to be black. So when he opened the door, he looked awful -- unshaven, hair in a mess, red-eyed, and wearing only a black robe.

    When he saw it was a couple of evangelists, he looked over his shoulder as if talking to someone further inside the house, and yelled, "Hey, Frank! Start the ritual! The sacrifices are here!"

    They never came back.

  9. Hey there. I met Tara while on my mission and she told me I should get onto your blog. I was at an 'underground BYU' party yesterday and some people were talking about this video, that was funny. Thanks.


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