Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TED Talk Tuesday: Laura Trice suggest we all say thank you

Short and sweet talk today. I love Laura Trice's perspective about not only being more generous in our gratitude, but also about being proactive and assertive about the gratitude and praise that we need from others. Acknowledging our needs to others can make us feel vulnerable, but this kind of honesty also opens us to deeper and more authentic connections and love with those around us. "We talk about world peace," she says. "I think it starts household by household." And I agree.

Thank you to all of you who read, comment or write to me. Though I have not met most of you in "real life," many of you have become friends, and I thank you for sharing yourselves with me, allowing me to share myself with you, and being my companions on this journey of life.


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  1. I've been trying figure out why I don't thank people as much as I know I should but I still can't put my finger on it. She touched on a few things but I still feel like there're other reasons too. The funny thing is there are some people I have no trouble thanking and others I have to groan and whine a little before I do it.

    One thing she failed to mention is that if you were to ask someone to thank and praise you it might come off as arrogant and many people would take it as bow down and worship me. If someone did thank you, how would you know if they were just saying it out of obligation or not.


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