Friday, April 15, 2011

Comment of the Week, 4/15/2011

My favorite comment this week was from Cognitive Dissenter on Sunday's post An Accidental Atheist. She said:
Growing up I was taught that "atheist" was a dirty word used to describe really evil people. My, how things have changed. Although I often take issue with the use of labels, technically I suppose I am a "soft atheist." As a practical matter I believe the only honest answer is "I don't know." What a burden was lifted from my shoulders when I reached that level of self-honestly. If that makes me an atheist, whatever. I guess that's why it now seems a tad offensive when those guys wearing the white shirts and ties show up on the front porch. They don't know either ... but they have convinced themselves otherwise.


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  1. I had those guys with white shirts and ties show up at my door too. It annoys me when Jehovah Witnesses do this as at first I thought they were 'real' missionaries. I agree with Cognitive Dissenter that they don't know either, but have convinced themselves that they do. As latter-day saints we can (unlike other religions) know for a surety that the restored gospel is true. Thank you both for bringing this to everyones attention.

    President Paternoster

  2. Oh, President, doth thine wisdom never cease?

  3. Cognitive DissenterApril 15, 2011 at 4:26 PM

    Wow! I'm honored. Usually just ramble so it's nice to know sometimes others find me somewhat coherent.

    @ President Paternoster: You remind me of Joseph Smith when he told Nancy Brotherton that she should secretly marry Brigham Young because she couldn't do better for a husband ... unless she married JS. I'm sure I knew you in a former life. And I'm not talking about the pre-existence.

  4. I still hesitate calling myself an atheist... growing up as a liberal christian, then joining the lds church at 21, I came to associate "atheist" with "bitter". I know that isn't true, but it's just a bad association I came to, personally. Now I find myself at 51 not wanting to call myself an atheist even though by its definition I actually AM. I usually cop out and call myself a "hopeful agnostic". It sounds a little more palatable for me, for now. A few more years of therapy and hopefully I'll get a grip and get myself an "I'm an atheist" t-shirt. Haha.

  5. Catherine, I'm just glad that it sounds like you're at peace now,
    whatever you decide to call yourself. :-)


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