Saturday, April 9, 2011

Did you guys like "TED Talk Tuesday"?

Successful blogging is a lot of trial and error. A lot of this blog is solely for my personal benefit, but I do try to offer something valuable for readers as well, and balance between doin' what I want and considering what my readers want. I'm still working on getting back into a blogging rhythm after being offline for several months.

I'm considering bringing back TED Talk Tuesday. For newer readers, every Tuesday, I'd feature a video from TED that I found interesting along with a little commentary about it. Sometimes they were really popular and generated some good discussion, sometimes not.

You want 'em back? Would you rather just go over to TED and pick out your own videos to watch? Yea? Nay? Don't care?


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  1. I like them, and I don't think to go over there often. :)

  2. Yes, I often don't have time to sift through them. But I've enjoyed the ones you select.

  3. I agree with the previous comments: I usually don't watch the TED's videos in the blogs I follow, but is nice to have the choice.

  4. I don't know much about the TED videos and never seek them out. I would probably only watch them here, Leah.

  5. "L" of course we can just go over and check out TED for ourselves, but then we wouldn't know what you are interested in-and i think that is part of 'it.'

    On my blog I chalk up (a lot of) it to learning for myself. It helps me to fine tune my raison d'etre atheist (does that make sense?). If peeps enjoy my 'thinking to myself' and trying to figure out the howz and whys of why I'm on Team A, then all the better. and if i write crap, or my thinking is flawed...then chalk that up to experience also.

    Have a great weekend "L",

    Heart Kriss

  6. Thanks for your feedback, everyone!

  7. Yes, please continue with TTT.

    Blogging is kind of creating a positive 'hive-mind', in my opinion. And so that means we need to not only search out and find those tasty new ideas, but also share them and expand on them within our own little circles. It lets everybody have a good 'chew', as it were. :-)

  8. Andrew, I knew what your opinion would be!

  9. Andrew, I knew what your opinion would be!

  10. :-)

    Ack, I must be getting too predictable!

    (Hey, you got disqus!)

  11. Oh, it's not that you're predictable. You were just always enthusiastic about TED.

    Yeah, been meaning to switch to disqus for a while, easier to follow discussions in comments. Wish I'd done it sooner!


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