Monday, December 21, 2009

Atheists SECRETLY believe in Yahweh

He's done it again! I love NonStampCollector!


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  1. I thought I only liked NonStampCollectors funny vids, but that one was brilliant because I was just thinking the same thing myself only yesterday!

    I'd just spoken to my (sometimes) Mormon mother on the phone, who in herself is a very sweet, caring and pleasant person. Which got me to thinking, maybe Christian religions aren't so bad. They only help each other, right?

    But then I remembered that history repeats itself. And I thought about the future. Islamic terrorism evolved into the murderous religion it is today, even if it may have started out innocently enough. So what might become of the Christian religion in the future?

    When I think about all the wars that have been carried out in the name of religion, it makes me sad, angry and sick.

    Well said, NonStampCollector - and I hope Richard Dawkins is right in his prediction that religious fads will reach a threshold and then fade away.

  2. I just had this discussion with an athEIst of all things ! I gave a similar lists of reasons, but StampCollector always does it better ! Thanks.

    But I must say, I have several reasons for persisting with religious thinking. Maybe I will save to listing them on my site but here is a preview:
    1) Positive Reasons
    2) Negative Reasons (StampCollectors)
    3) Pathological Reasons (stay tuned !)

    See, Whore, we can all be self-advertising (smile), just click on my name to find my site.

  3. Xuxana, NSC's serious videos are all very smart and well worth watching.

  4. Yeah, I have a thing for NSC.


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