Tuesday, December 29, 2009

California Science Center sued for canceling intelligent design film

Los Angeles Times

The American Freedom Alliance says the center bowed to pressure from the Smithsonian. The science center says a news release hadn't been submitted to the museum, violating the contract.


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  1. I am also curious why the ID proponents got sensored. It is suspected the Darwinians in the Smithsonian decided to pull a favor. We see the same type of methodology being used by the censorship against those who disagree with man-made climate change.

  2. I’m sure that the Science Center is generally more interested in ideas and theories that can be demonstrated with verifiable and repeatable evidence from experimentation and observation than a world view or philosophy that cannot be demonstrated.

    Would you expect them to show a film about astrology, or metaphysics? Do you expect let something like “The Secret” to be presented as fact? I would guess that you would not expect such things to be presented at a science center, and yet creationism/ “intelligent design” has no more scientific credibility than “The Secret”.

    I’ve listened to creationist after creationist present why we should accept a belief in a creator, but they have always failed to stand up to the volume of evidence for evolution. Instead I am often presented with an idea that would require me to ignore mountains of facts and evidence for the idea to seem intelligent.

  3. Also the evidence for things like evolution, planet formation, and other things people would like to attribute to a god is available, and even verifiable, all you have to do is to take the time to learn about it. Unfortunately it takes far more effort to learn about how the natural world works then it does for someone to believe in a god, but if you make the effort to learn you may be surprised you will find.


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