Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Think about it" Thursday: Justifying the Specifics of God

For all those out there who believe in a specific god, here's a question: how do you know the particular god you believe in exists, and how do you justify all of his (or her) specific attributes (such as gender, personality, abilities, etc.)?

Name any natural occurance in the known universe and I bet that someone from every religion in the world can make an argument as to how that natural phenomenon confirms and strengthens their own particular faith. Name any argument for the existence of God, and ask why that argument doesn't apply equally to any other god that people have believed in throughout history. How do you justify your specific God?


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  1. I feel like you haven't played this game long enough. ;)

    See, it goes like this: you start with the "a watch has a watchmaker!" argument to establish that God is more likely than no God. Then -- once that is out of the way -- you use some entirely different argument (eg. mine has the most followers, mine is the only one who rose from the dead, etc.) to prove that your God is the most likely of all!

    (I'm not saying I think that follows logically, I'm just telling you how the argument traditionally goes.)

  2. Does the Mormon church still teach its followers that one day they too can become gods of their own worlds themselves?

  3. Chanson, you make me laugh!

    Xuxana, so far as I know, yes, though it's been almost five years since I was regular Mormon church-goer.


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