Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Funny: Intelligent Design according to Neil deGrasse Tyson and NonStampCollector

I'm back!

Today's Friday Funny is a double feature: Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is simply indisputably awesome, enumerates some of the idiocies in the "design" of the universe and us, followed by what is probably my favorite video from the brilliant NonStampCollector.


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  1. Neil deGrasse Tyson is always fun to watch. I enjoyed all the videos from the "Beyond Belief 2006" conference (where Tyson's "Stupid Design" presentation was given), found here: Tyson's talk is definitely a highlight of the event.

  2. Bwa! Ha! Ha! Hilarious, thanks for that :)

    By the way, does anyone know if there are blog posts around about f&f not born into religious families. I seriously can't think of anyone I know who wasn't born into a religious family.

  3. Xuxana, most people I know were raised in religious families, though I have a few friends who weren't. Keep in mind, though, I've lived in uber religious parts of the U.S. (Utah and now the Midwest).

    I would think U.K. would be more secular. Is that not the case?

  4. I guess I'll be the lucky few that was born into a non-theist family, then. My family was agnostic, and encouraged me to read encyclopedias instead. (That's why I'm atheist)

    The problem is that everyone else seems to have superstitious views in Malaysia, and people buy into supersitions & pseudoscience a lot. We have all these things such as quantum pendants (piece of rock that you wear and cures everything), water crystal (say "I love you" to water and it changes structure!). In fact, only 1 out of all my friends disbelieve in ghosts. Disappointing. Is this problem just as bad in USA?

  5. Darren, I'd say people in the U.S. are probably just as superstitious. Their superstitions just go by slightly different names (rosary beads, exorcisms, priesthood blessings, etc.) I know I believed in ghosts up until probably just a couple of years ago actually.

    By the way, your blog is fantastic!

  6. Leah, I grew up in Utah and most of my family are still Mormon. If anything, the older generation in Britain are even more religious as its steeped in tradition. Even everyone I know here was born into a religious family, although they don't practice religion themselves anymore. Its mostly their parents and the older gen, like I said.

    I only asked this question because I've noticed that since I first started researching atheism, its those who have escaped religions who are the most absorbed in the religion v science debate. My 15 year old daughter, on the other hand, who wasn't born into religion, could care less about the big debate. Religion is nothing to her, she doesn't understand how anyone can believe in the bollocks of it all, as she was never stiffled by religion in the first place.

    I think the more outspoken atheists were born into religious families e.g. see how mellow Darren Wong's comment is? hehehe

    Hopefully more people will be born into atheist families in the future, so we can all have a more relaxed attitude and not get so bent about the big 'ol debate ;)

  7. Thanks, Leah. That's the encouragement I need to write. :-)

    And Xuxana, we don't speak as candidly in Malaysia, as it's a culture (Avoid conflict, and be submissive). But since you say so, guess I'll be more direct next time. And I'm 15 as well. :)

    Anyway, the reason people in Malaysia are superstitious is caused by both ignorance and brainwashing. No one ever teaches critical thinking in M'sia. We are asked to memorize textbooks. We can score flying colours in science without even knowing the scientific method itself. And the science teachers speak of ghosts and feng shui in our class! Gasp!

    On the other hand, we are brainwashed since the we're born. Ghosts are used as method to scare kids, people continuously speak of things science can't explain to reinforce our superstitious beliefs, anyone who denies the existence of superstition is warned/cursed that we better be careful (they'll get you). Not to mention that when I told my friends that I'm atheist, they responded: "No seriously. What's your religion?" There you go.


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