Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Checking in, and some "wisdom" from Elder McConkie

Hi readers,

I'm very pleased with the small but loyal readership that my blog is attracting. You could say I have a cult following. Ha! I'm still working on my promised report on the Red River Freethinkers, but my kid has been extra clingy. I'm pretty sure he's teething. Hope to have that up sometime tomorrow.

But anyway, I know I learned growing up that the Fall of Adam occurred approximately 6000 years ago. I'm looking for documentation of this doctrine from a Church source. If anyone knows offhand where I can find that and wants to save me some time, that would be awesome.

In the meantime, while I was looking, I came across this gem of an article by Bruce R. McConkie. It's about the Creation, from the September 1983 issue of Liahona. I'll just share a few highlights:
Appended to this command to multiply was the heaven-sent restriction that the creatures in the waters could only bring forth “after their kind,” and that “every winged fowl” could only bring forth “after his kind.” There was no provision for evolvement or change from one species to another.

Evolvement? That sounds like a perfectly cromulent word. It's called evolution, Bruce. Further on he says:

These revealed verities about the creation of all things run counter to many of the speculations and theories of the world. They are, however, what the inspired word sets forth, and we are duty bound to accept them. We are frank to admit that our knowledge of the creation of the universe, of this earth, of man, and of all living things is meager—perhaps almost miniscule—as compared to what there is to learn. But the Lord has revealed to us as much about the mystery of creation as is necessary for us in our probationary estate.

"Theories of the world." You mean, science? Because science is so worldly? Labs and observatories are the bastions of Babylon! "Duty bound to accept them." There's some intellectual property laws for you. And it's like God is saying, "Yeah, there's more, but the only way to learn more is for me to reveal it to you, and I'm not gonna, 'cause you don't need to know. Nyah, nyah, nyah." 

Kind of sounds like God is a dick.


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  1. In answer to you question about an official source for the fall of Adam being 6000 years ago the Bible Dictionary in the LDS KJV says the fall of Adam was 4000 BC. Here is a link: http://scriptures.lds.org/en/bd/chrono


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