Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fixing YouTube in 2010

Just saw this on Hemant's blog, Friendly Atheist. Read, sign, star and pass it on!

When religious fundies go after a YouTube video about science/religion by downvoting it or “flagging” it, the website has done a dismal job of letting the video stay up.

That means it’s remarkably easy to get a video taken down for no reason other than it’s offensive to some religious person. It’s pathetic and YouTube needs to address the issue.

AndromedasWake has a video up explaining the problem and how you can help:

If you have a spare minute and a Google account, go here and star the thread.

And everyone can sign the petition. (I tried it earlier and my signature wasn’t appearing on the list, but it may be working now.)

(Thanks to Leo for the link!)


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