Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TED Talk Tuesday: Helen Fisher on Why We Cheat

In light of recent discussions, I thought this would be an interesting talk to watch this week.


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  1. Excuse me for commenting off-topic. I just figured I'd put my comment in the most recent thread, so it wouldn't get lost.

    First of all, Hi! Wonderful blog!

    Secondly, I've been reading older posts, and am just itching to discuss the probability issues that came up in the comments under Oct. 31's "Why Would He Make That Up?!" Specifically, the idea that Life, the Universe, and Everything are so highly improbable that they couldn't have happened by "chance", and therefore must have been created deliberately.

    Would you consider a new thread to discuss this topic specifically?

    (I totally get that Having a Life thing, and will wait patiently for a response.)

  2. Maybe I'm missing something, but I didn't catch anything from Helen Fisher about why we cheat. Wasn't her topic about love, breaking it down to the components of lust, romantic love, and deep attachment? She hinted a little at the cheating thing (all three parts are in some sense independent, and so can drive us differently).

    I really did appreciate her ideas on women 'returning' to the work force, rather than 'entering' the workforce. Perspective, perspective, perspective....

  3. Linnea, I aim to please and yours is a request easily granted. Thread open. Have at it!

    godwillbegod, I don't know if she ever got at cheating directly, but I think her point about the drive for romantic love being stronger than the sex drive explains a lot of cheating. If you've been with the same partner for years, even if you still love them and feel that attachment for them, the desire for the romantic, butterflies, infatuation phase with someone else can be a powerful temptation.

  4. Interesting lecture. Thanks for the post.


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