Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've reorganized my blogrolls so that the Atheist/Agnostic blogs are separated from the blogs that are specifically ex-Mormon. I think I got everyone's blogs moved alright, but if yours got lost in the shuffle, please let me know. I have it set up so that the 25 most recently updated are the ones that show up on the main page, so if you haven't posted for a while, you'll need to click "See All" to find yours.

I'm hoping to do a redesign of the whole blog sometime in the next few weeks, with the goal of making it more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate.


If you enjoyed this post, I hope you'll check out my new blog.


  1. What, no Atheist Buddhists?
    Just kidding!
    Are you going to put up my poopy post?

  2. Sabio, I might play around with the categories a bit. Lumping atheist/agnostic/ex-Mormons all together was getting to be a rather long blogroll. Plus, not all of my ex-Mormon comrades identify as atheists or agnostics. I considered having categories like "Skeptical but Spiritual" separate from those more in line with New Atheist thought. Nothing is set in stone.

    I might further break down my "Other blogs that are cool" list too. It ranges from Stuff White People Like to parenting blogs to a few theists whose thoughts I appreciate.

    As for your poopy post, I will decide which posts I'm going to share after the submission deadline has past and I have read and considered each one. Patience, man! :-)

  3. Can Blogspot at color to links?
    Or how about a symbol like "!" or ":-)" before Ex-mormon blogs and put them in the mix with the rest of us who share much with them now -- after all, that is the point, right, we now have a commonality -- just human. Smile (being patient)

  4. Sabio, you've made me ponder both the usefulness and the limitations of trying to fit human beings into neat little categorized boxes. I feel a future blog post coming on...

  5. Don't get me wrong, Leah.
    I LOVE taxonomies.
    Taxonomies can be incredibly useful.
    It all depends on purpose. But as you are alluding, they can also be incredibly divisive.
    It all depends on purpose.

  6. Sabio, still, pondering. Ideas germinating. A post to come after ideas have crystalized.

  7. I'm proud to be included in the "Awesome Ex-Mormon" section.

  8. And I'm proud to have you there, Donna! Your blog is like The Onion of Mormon culture!

  9. Hey, Leah, I did a post today which classifies Atheist -- just to show you I am not averse to taxonomies.

  10. And I'm proud to have you there, Donna! Your blog is like The Onion of Mormon culture!


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