Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Funny: Jon Stewart - "Wish you weren't here."

This is from several weeks ago, but with all the Ground Zero Mosque hubbub, it bears repeating. Plus Jon Stewart is spot on and hilarious as usual.

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Wish You Weren't Here
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  1. I love Jon Stewart and all his commentaries on the mosque situation have been wonderful. Hard to believe such an uproar has taken place over this.

  2. I've said it before: Jon Stewart is one of the few men for whom I might change my mind about not having any more babies. That wit!

    And I agree, the controversy over the mosque has been blown way out of proportion.

  3. Thanks for the laughs on this rather uninspiring Election Day here in OZ, (can we borrow Mr Stewart for our Prime Minister position? please!).

  4. Maureen, I'm afraid we just can't spare him. :-)


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