Saturday, August 14, 2010

"I'm Robert, and I'm an ex-Mormon."

The LDS Church has been running a campaign to show the world, "Look, we're just regular people who happen to believe kooky stuff." The commercials start out with a person introducing herself, talking a little about her life and what she does and ending with, "And I'm a Mormon." You can visit this site to watch some of the videos. And I will say that most Mormon people I've known really are great people, but one of the things that bugs me most about Mormonism is the pervasive stereotype within the Church that anyone who leaves the Church does so under the influence of Satan and spends the rest of their lives miserable and tormented. My experience since leaving the Church and those of others I've met who have left has been completely the opposite! Here's the first of what I hope will be many videos made to show the world, "Hey, ex-Mormons are just regular people who used to believe some kooky stuff."

Thanks to Chino Blanco at Main Street Plaza for the link.


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  1. Dang, where's the subtle primary song playing in the background? Though... maybe it should be played backwards in an exmormon video.

  2. And thanks to you for getting the word out, Leah. You rock!

  3. Chris, perhaps an idea for when I make my own video. I totally want to make one.

    Chino, my pleasure!

  4. And thanks to you for getting the word out, Leah. You rock!


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