Monday, August 16, 2010

I am tripping out over this!

Andrew, aka godwillbegod of the blog Beyond Belief and Reason has made a video based on parts of my de-conversion story and a few other posts on my blog. I'm just speechless! A hundred thousand thank yous, Andrew! I love it!


If you enjoyed this post, I hope you'll check out my new blog.


  1. Hey,

    I was hoping for a little more feedback here, Leah. Oh well. :-)

    One friend of mine today said he really liked the tune but he thought your url was 'unfortunate'.

    I guess it takes a bit of coaxing for people to "get it" sometimes, eh.

    (Oh, and due to my new url my profile is changing too. What's the best way to post comments? I'm trying the name/url option, but I have a google account that might work too)


  2. Meh, some people will "get it," some won't. It's my damn blog, and I like the name, so it stays. Plus there's the added bonus that I get search queries from people who were looking for porn that always make me chuckle.

    You can comment however you'd like. I used to only allow registered users to comment to try to keep spam to a minimum, but that didn't seem to make a difference, so now I've started moderating and opened up comments to everyone. name/url is fine or whatever else you may wish.

  3. It really was sweet, made my week!


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