Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yes, I left because I was offended.

I have an article up over at Main Street Plaza. Here's a free sample:
Leaving the Church over offense is portrayed as something akin to a stubborn, pouty child, whose pride and fragile ego prevent her from doing what deep down she must really want and know is right. And if the Church were really all it was cracked up to be, indeed, ‘twould be silly to forfeit all that bliss over the foibles of imperfect members.
I didn’t ditch the Church because some blundering member hurt my feeling, but I admit it: there is much about Mormonism that offends me. I wouldn’t continue a relationship with a person I found persistently offensive. Why should I apply different criteria to an institution?
Go visit MSP to read the full article.  :-)


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  1. I love this essay. I continue to marvel at how similar our stories are, even though I was a protestant and you were LDS. I also would say that I take issue with the doctrine and scriptures and the church as an institution over any people. Sure, there are jerks in the church, but for every jerk Christian I know, there are 10 lovely, wonderful people. Just as I know atheists who are jerks, but I also know atheists who are terrific human beings.

    I have wondered something about your story for a while now. How did the church elders (or whatever you call them, sorry) find out about your pre-marital relations with your fiance? Did he also get excommunicated?

  2. rollerjen, that is actually the number one question I get asked. I'm debating about whether or not to share the answer, need to discuss it with others whose privacy is involved.


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