Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Questions about my call for "Great Blog Post" submissions

Last Saturday, I asked fellow bloggers to share with me their best posts for my "Great Posts By Other Bloggers" section in my sidebar. I'm really excited about the number of you who have responded so far! Some of you I already knew and some are new to me and everything I've read so far has been wonderful. Some of you have had questions, so here are my answers:

What is your criteria for "great"?

Well, I don't have a checklist or anything and since this is my blog, it will influenced by my own personal biases. I know what I like when I see it. I'll try to articulate it a little better for those of you who don't live in my head. I like writing that offers a unique perspective, or new ideas presented in a way that makes me think. I like tight, concise writing. I have no patience 4 bad grammar or txt spk. Like I said in the original request for submissions, you don't have to agree with me and you don't have to write about Mormonism or religion or atheism. You know (or you should know) what makes your blog unique. Donna Banta's blog Ward Gossip isn't particularly profound, but it's funny as hell, and I like that. Show me the best of what you as an individual have to offer.

Is it okay if it's a really old post?

Absolutely! Part of what I hope to accomplish with this is to keep good writing from falling into obscurity just because it's old. I'm really hoping to get some older posts especially from people whose blogs I only discovered just recently. I'm pleased to have gotten a few older posts already.

Can I submit more than one post?

I'm going to put a limit of two submissions per person.

If you already have one of my posts in the sidebar, can I submit another one?

Sure. The same two-post limit will apply.

Thanks to all of you who have sent me your stuff already. I'll keep taking submissions until September 1st. I've enjoyed reading everything I've received so far. I'm thinking after I read and consider everything, I'll pick my five favorites for a permanent place of honor in my illustrious sidebar, and I'll write up a post linking to an uncapped number of "honorable mentions." If you have any friends who blog, feel free to share this with them. Email your links to whoreblog (at) gmail (dot) com and if you have any more questions, just ask!


If you enjoyed this post, I hope you'll check out my new blog.


  1. So is ceiling. I always get such stuff twisted and seldom pay attention to spelling rules so hopefully you can find the humor and intent in my writing.

    I just became aware of your blog and am having a wonderful time reading it. My sweet husband is wondering when I'll be coming to bed but tonight, it's you and me babe.

    So if you don't mind, I'd like to submit an essay or two to your contest and see if I can play with the likes of you and some of the other wonderful writers in the big world of exmo blogging. Here's one that has gotten a few good responses. http://insanadfindingthepony.blogspot.com/2010/04/facing-your-rapist-by-insana-d.html

    Or if funny is what you're looking for:

  2. Insana D, Thanks for stopping by and for your links!

  3. I just wrote this piece.

    And here's one from a little while ago that's more humorous.

  4. Hi Leah, Here's a link to a post I wrote last January when even fewer people were reading my blog. Can it be included along side the link I sent about the stake singles? If I'm over the limit, then disregard. But I like your idea about resurrecting older posts.


    As usual, it's not profound, LOL. Thanks for doing this! I'll pass the word around. Also thanks for the link to the James L. Brook film. I watched the preview. It looks good.

  5. Well since Insana broke the ice with a poop post, here is my scatalogical contribution.

  6. Donna, Thanks!

    Sabio, Holy shit!

  7. Great post, Insana D! Glad I got the chance to read it.

    Leah: Holy shit!

    That reminds me of this little item (not meant as a suggestion for your "great posts" list -- just something I hope some may find amusing).

  8. Here's a piece I did on the Biblical canon and all the alterations that have gone on in the process of making the Bible.


    And here's my deconversion testimony--of what caused me to begin doubting my Christian faith and eventually change my mind.


  9. Infidel, very funny!

    Tristan, got 'em. Thanks!

  10. I decided to make a more personal post, and maybe it should be the one to best represent me. So perhaps this one:

  11. I have another old one that I still go back to on occasion:

  12. Here is another post on Mini-Deaths I liked but wasn't read or comment on much. I like the poop one too. But I wager if I polled people on my blog, neither of these would be chosen as great posts.
    Heck, I loved my tipsy Japanese poem too but it was virtually ignored -- though I would not recommend it. ;-)

  13. TGD, got it.

    Sabio, sometimes my favorite posts aren't the ones my readers like very much either. Mini-Deaths has been added to my reading list.

  14. I decided to make a more personal post, and maybe it should be the one to best represent me. So perhaps this one:

  15. Infidel, very funny!

    Tristan, got 'em. Thanks!


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